Oluns Valley Guide


Oluns Valley is a popular end-game grind spot in the top 10 silver-per-hour spots for 2023, with average players earning over 800 million silver per hour, and top players reaching over 1 billion silver an hour. There is also the potential to make more silver by creating Ibedor’s Scrolls using the Venomous Night Fang item drops, and running them in a group.

However, what really makes the grind spot popular, is that it drops a  Rich Merchant RIng treasure piece.

You can also get the red  Quturam Ashen Leaves and   Quturan’s Right Lung, which are used to create the La Orzeca Outfit (Armor piece).

The grind spot is a party spot designed for 3 players and is located in O’dyllita. It has lots of complicated mechanics and can be difficult for players that are new to the grind spot, so I recommend reading through this guide completely and checking out the additional resources so you are fully prepared! The guide goes over all the basic information, but also includes tips and tricks for experienced players that are looking to push their trash even higher.

Recommended Requirements
300 AP380 DP

* Experienced players can start grinding Oluns earlier with 289K AP.

Graverobber Afuaru can also spawn when killing monsters at Oluns Valley and has a higher chance of dropping Leaves/Lung. All 3 players get loot from Afuaru. Ignore Afuaru and only hit him after killing the main golem, unless the message appears to say he is despawning. If the Afuaru isn’t hit, it will not despawn for a longer period of time.

Buffs and Preparation

The monsters at Oluns Valley are the Kamaslyvia Monster Type.

Checklist before you start
PVE Artifacts and LightstonesMake sure you swap to PVE Artifacts and Lighstones. More information about recommended Lighstone Combinations can be found below. 
 PVE Crystal PresetMake sure you swap to your PVE Cyrstal Preset if you frequently change your crystals for PVP.
PVE Skill AddonsMake sure you swap to your PVE Skill Addons if you frequently change your addons for PVP.
Heidel Carolin’s Crit BuffCollect the Crit Buff from Carolin in Heidel. This isn’t mandatory but is useful if you are pushing for higher trash numbers.30-minute durationObtained from Carolin in Heidel (in the building near the skill instructor) but you need at least 50 Amity with her.Gives Critical Damage +10% buffCosts 25 energy
Elfianso’s Atanis Pond BuffCollect the Atanis Pond Buff from the Elfianso NPC at Atanis Pond in Kamasylvia. This isn’t mandatory but is useful if you are pushing for higher trash numbers.60-minute durationRequires 700 amity to unlockGives Additional Damage to Kamalyvian Monsters +5 buffCosts 50 energyStacks with the Caroline buff
Furniture BuffI recommend using the Imp Captain Knife or Master’s Stuffed Shadow Lion Head furniture buffs 
PetsMake sure your pets are fed and out. You can put your pets on the slower (green) setting for Oluns.
Vell’s HeartMake sure your alchemy stone is turned on.
 Exquisite Cron MealBuy or make the Exquisite Cron Meal.Cooking Recipe: Serendia Meal x3, Special Arehaza Meal x1, Kamaslyvia Meal x3, Ancient Cron Spice x1

Party Elixirs
More information about the recommended Party Elixirs can be found below
Perfume of Courage
Elixir of Deep Sea
Perfumes aren’t “mandatory”, but it is highly recommended to use Perfume of Courage.For more experienced groups that want to pull high trash numbers, you can splash out and use Elixir of Deep Sea instead, but Deep Sea Elixirs are expensive.
Church BuffsCollect the AP church buffs from the priest in O’draxxia.Obtained from priests in some towns/cities: locationsCosts 3,000,000 silver for 2 hours, or 10,000,000 silver for 5 hours.
Villa BuffsCollect the [Body Enhancement] Villa buffs from your tent.
Loot ScrollUse the (1) setting on your Item Collection Increase Gauge.
Agris Fever (if using)Turn on your Agris Fever if you are choosing to use it.It is recommended to always use Agris when grinding at Oluns Valley.
Tent Buff (if using)Buy the Adventurer’s Luck buff from your tent if you are choosing to use it. This depends on what other item drop rate buffs you have and if you are close to the 300% item drop rate cap.Adventurer’s Luck I – Item Drop Rate +10% – costs 10 millionAdventurer’s Luck II – Item Drop Rate +20% – costs 20 millionAdventurer’s Luck III – Item Drop Rate +30% – costs 30 millionAdventurer’s Luck IV – Item Drop Rate +40% – costs 40 millionAdventurer’s Luck V – Item Drop Rate +50% – costs 50 million
Krogdalo Horse AP buff (if available)If you have the Krogdalo Wind Horse set, you can use the roar skill to gain an AP +5 buff for 60 minutes.
Other Item Drop Rate % BuffsUse our Item Drop Rate Buff List to check for any other buffs you can use. You can check your current Item Drop Rate % in the character profile (P). The cap for all servers (except Arsha/excluding Castle Buff) is 300%.

Recommended Crystals

These are an example of recommended crystals that are specific to Oluns. You can swap the Dark Red Fang Armor crystals for JIN Vipers if you need more accuracy.

  • Corrupted Magic Crystal x2
  • Valtarra Spirit’s Crystal x2
  • Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame – Power x2
  • Glorious Crystal of Gallantry – Ah’krad x2
  • Dark Red Fang Crystal – Armor x2
  • Dark Red Fang Crystal – Valor x2
  • Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine x1
  • Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature – Giant x1
  • Ancient Spirit’s Crystal – Swiftness x1
  • All accuracy +6
  • All Resistance +4%
  • Knockdown/Bound Resistance +25%
  • Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +30%
  • Max HP +300
  • All AP +34
  • Extra AP Against Monster +14
  • Extra Damage to Kamasylvian +6
  • All Damage Reduction +14
  • Hidden Damage Reduction -4
  • Critical Hit Damage +22%
  • Attack Speed +2%
  • Casting Speed +2%
  • Critical Hit +2
  • Movement Speed +2

Recommended Lightstone Combos

The Vicious Shadows Lighstone Combo is usually considered best in slot and is viable on all classes. However, for certain classes that don’t require the Critical Hit Rate % you may find that the Deathblow set is better. If you are unsure, I recommend asking in your Class discord for advice specific to your class, or just sticking with the Vicious Shadows combo.

If you are having trouble getting the Strike lightstone, you can use The Wild: Kamaslyvia for extra damage to Kamaslyvian Monsters.

For the Shai class, you are recommended to use the Deathblow set as this is best in slot for Shai.

Oluns Lightstone Combos
[Vicious Shadows] – Usually best in slot for all classes (except Shai)
Fire: Predation
Fire: Predation
Fire: Shadows
 Fire: Strike
Total Combo Effects:
Monster AP +13
Back Attack Damage +6%
Critical Damage +3%
[Deathblow] – Best in slot for Shai class
Fire: Predation
Fire: Predation
Fire: Blade
 Fire: Blade
Total Combo Effects:
Monster AP +16
Critical Hit Chance +14%
[The Wild: Kamaslyvia] – Cheap beginner set
Fire: Fallen
Fire: Fallen
Fire: Fallen
 Iridescent Lightstone
Total Combo Effects:
Additional Kamasylvian Damage +30

Recommended Party Elixirs

All 3 party members are expected to bring a set of party elixirs to pop. Party elixirs last 15 minutes, and must be popped when you are next to your party members so that all players can get the buffs.

The shopping lists for each party member can be found below, I recommend buying as many different ones as you can. The lists have been balanced so that the cost and rarity of each elixir is as fair as possible.

When looking for a party, you will usually find groups/members that say “LF1 DPS with P1” for example, this means they are looking for 1 party member that has the Party Member #1 elixir group.

  • Elixir of Endless Frenzy can be swapped for Endless Fury if not available, but Frenzy is better damage
  • If you and your party are running x2 Valor Crystals, you don’t need to use Elixir of Strong Shock since you should already have Critical Hit +5.
  • Intrepid Swiftness and Overwhelming Endurance are optional and are not always necessary. These are usually only used by very high-end groups trying to push higher trash and don’t have +5 movement speed.
  • Recipe breakdown for the party elixirs can be found here
Party Member 1Party Member 2Party Member 3
[Party] Elixir of Sharp Detection[Party] Elixir of Advanced Concentration[Party] Elixir of Endless Frenzy[Party] Elixir of Strong Life[Party] Elixir of Overwhelming Endurance (optional)[Party] Elixir of Strong Draining[Party] Grim Soul Reaper’s Elixir[Party] Elixir of Brutal Perforation[Party] Elixir of Strong Shock[Party] Elixir of Lethal Destruction[Party] Elixir of Intrepid Swiftness (optional)[Party] Elixir of Steel Defense[Party] Elixir of Remarkable Will[Party] Elixir of Lethal Assassin[Party] Strong Griffon’s Elixir[Party] Brutal Death Elixir

Party Elixirs can be obtained by Processing (L) > Simple Alchemy:

  •  Elixir x2
  •  Aal’s Tear x1

Eg. You can use Elixir of Strong Shock x2 + Aal’s Tear x1 to create [Party] Elixir of Strong Shock x1

Aal’s Tear is bought from Material Vendor NPCs.


For an extra +10% Item Drop Rate, I recommend leveling the Olun’s Valley node to level 20.

  • On the map below, you can see the Golem monsters numbered (#1 – #17).
  • Baby golem and Olun’s Heart monsters can be seen as a white dot on the map image below.
  • The lines show where each player should go and where to “pre-pull” additional baby golems.
  • The Shai in your group usually pre-pulls the main golem, but additional baby golems should be pulled by all members.

Credit for the rotations map: Suntukan

The Olun’s Valley rotation uses the entire area, meaning that only 1 party can grind at a time on each channel.

There are 3 different rotations you can do depending on the clear speed of your party:

  • 15 Golem Rotation:
    • This is for beginner parties or slower parties. For this rotation, you do all the Golems except #4 (Forest) and #17.
    • As a beginner, try to aim to do 5 rotations per hour (75 golems total).
  • 16 Golem Rotation:
    • This is the rotation that most parties will do. You usually add the #4 (Forest) Golem since it has more babies.
    • Some parties choose to add #17 instead since it requires less running around, but it depends on your party.
  • 17 Golem Rotation:
    • This rotation is for more experienced parties that can pull high DPS and use more advanced mechanics.
    • High-end groups are able to do this rotation 5 times in one hour (85 golems per hour) and push for 6 rotations.
    • idrew has a great tip for gauging whether or not to include the #17 golem or not: “My rule of thumb for whether or not to include this golem when I am pugging is when the arm breaks on golem #16 during the first lap. If there is over 3 minutes on elixirs I include golem #17.”
      • idrew also has tons of useful videos showing these rotations so please check them out!

Missing Baby Golems!

Sometimes there can be missing baby golems on your channel. This can happen when players run through the grind spot and get aggro of the monsters. The babies will teleport to the player and then when the player goes out of aggro range, the babies reset by walking back to their initial location and can get stuck on the terrain (especially the mountains and walls).

Check your channel for missing babies before you start grinding. You can use the Ecology tracking in your knowledge window (H) to target the “Boulder Golem” monsters. This will give you a different colored dot on the mini-map for your tracked monster.


Video Clips showing the attack animations are from Duodecil’s Olun Valley Guide. I recommend watching this video as well for extra tips.

Golem Attack Patterns

Aim to push the golem to 40% HP in just 2 attack animations! Some animations can be longer or shorter than others so you may not always be able to do it (eg. the Arm Swipe is the shortest animation), but it is a good baseline for clear speed.

Double Arm Attacks (Donut and Smash)

  • There are 2 different double-arm attacks, where the golem lifts both arms in the air, before smashing them down on the floor.
  • If the golem flashes red it will do an AOE attack with 2 red circles. The attack is nicknamed “Donut” because of its shape. The red areas have a Stun CC if you are hit by them.
  • If the golem does not flash red but does the double-arm attack, it will do a Smash attack in the area around it with no red circle as a warning. This is a Bound CC and deals a lot of damage, it is usually the cause of death so you have to pay close attention to the movement of the golem.
  • The golem still does the double-arm attacks and animation with just one arm after you have destroyed the other arm.

Donut AOE

Smash AOE

Arm Slam Attack

  • The golem lifts its arm up and 2 overlapping red circles appear on the floor around the golem. This is the longest animation and you have a lot of time to deal safe back attacks.

Poison Attack

  • The poison skill will only happen if you cannot kill the golem fast enough. The golem will do a roar animation with both arms at their side, before lifting the arms and spitting green poison from its mouth. Do not try to tank the damage and move behind the golem to deal back attacks while it is in the animation.

Arm Swipe Attack

  • The golem does a swipe animation where it swings the arm to the side as if it is sweeping the floor. This skill deals high damage and the best way to avoid it is by moving behind the golem.

Nuke Attack

  • The Nuke attack is a long-ranged attack that happens when the person with aggro is a certain distance away from the golem
  • The Nuke attack deals a lot of damage and can 1 shot your entire party if you are not careful
  • You can also force the nuke attack in more experienced groups. More information can be found in the Force Nukes section below
  • After the arm is destroyed, the golem will no longer do the Nuke attack, so you can safely move away from the golem and even pull it to the next golem in certain places (such as pulling Golem 14 to Golem 15)

Arm Mechanic

  • When the golem reaches approximately 50% HP,  the golem glows red and then lifts its arm up and slams it into the ground. The arm stays on the ground and a HP bar appears for the arm.
  • Your party should kill the arm, since it is a separate monster and drops items, including the Rich Merchant Ring Piece.
  • After killing the arm, the golem will go into an iframe, then do a random attack afterward.
  • At approximately 40% HP, the golem will spawn 3 “baby” golems.
  • If you don’t manage to destroy the arm the first time, then you will get another attempt when the golem is around 20% HP, but you should ALWAYS try to kill the arm in the first attack.

To optimize the grind as much as possible, your party wants to try and push the golem down to 40% HP as quickly as possible and force the spawning of the baby golems BEFORE the arm attack.

The reason you want to do this is because after the arm is destroyed, the golem always goes into an iframe. So by forcing the babies to summon first, you can hit those while the golem is in the iframe so there is no time wasted.

If your party is too slow and the golem does the arm attack at 50%, then it will do another attack before summoning the babies, making it much slower and wasting time. You also risk that the golem only spawns the babies at low HP and you are not able to kill the babies in time, losing out on trash, since the babies are desummoned if the main golem dies.

If the arm attack happens before the summon, you can still force the babies to summon instantly and skip the attack after the arm breaks. To do this though, you need 1 person in your party to aggro the main golem during the arm attack. If you are a Striker, you can use the “Crouching Wolf” skill to get aggro. When the arm is destroyed, the person with the aggro needs to run out of range of the golem. This way, when the golem comes out of the iframe, it has no one to attack and will spawn the babies instead.

When the babies are summoned, they are always summoned around the main golem, facing away from the main golem. So you want to stand on top of the main golem to get back attacks on the babies.

You can get back attacks on the arm during the arm attack to help you kill the arm faster. The position for back attacks is different for each golem and it isn’t actually related to the arm. The trick is to watch when the golem first wakes up, and check which way the golem is facing. The back attacks for the arm will be from the initial back position when the golem wakes up.

Pre-pulling and Forced Nuke Mechanic

Pre-pulling is basically when a player aggros the next golem in the rotation so that it does the standing-up animation before the party moves over, saving time since the golem is in a long iframe during the standing animation. If you move away after pre-pulling, you can tell when the standing animation has ended, because the golem will “twitch” once.

Pre-pulling is usually done by the Shai in your group, using the “Eat This!” skill since it has a high range. For some golems that are quite far away, you may want to ask the Striker in your group to help you and pull them instead since you will run out of stamina trying to move between the two golems.

The player that is pre-pulling should go to aggro the next golem after the arm is destroyed and the golem is in the iframe phase. You go to the golem and attack it, then come back to your group and help to kill the current golem.

When the golem is waking up, if the person with aggro is a certain distance away from the golem, then the golem will do a “nuke” attack. This is a very high-damage attack that can 1 shot your entire party, especially if the nuke hits your party with back attacks. So when moving back to the golem after pre-pulling, make sure the golem is not doing the nuke attack.

For very experienced parties, you can also force the nuke attack. This is simply done by standing at a safe location away from your other party members after pre-pulling. However, the aggro can swap as the nuke attack starts, which can get your party members killed, so it is a risky mechanic that is not for beginners.

The reason you may want to force the nuke attack is because the attack animations are then no longer completely random. Parties with high DPS often end up losing time if they randomly get the long attack animation, because they deal so much damage to the golem and risk killing the golem before it summons the baby golems.

Forcing Nukes is only recommended for experienced players and you need high DPS. You should only try to force nukes if you can consistently push the golem to 40% HP before the arm. This is because forcing nukes requires your pre-puller to be able to pre-pull the next golem, return and kill the original golem, and then move into the nuke position all before the standing animation ends.

idrew’s video guide explains forcing nukes in detail and shows exactly where to stand for each golem.

Olun’s Heart Mechanic

There are Olun’s Heart monsters located around Olun’s Valley. These statues can summons up to 3 additional babies. You must go into the range of the Olun Heart to aggro it, and you can see if the heart is aggro’d because the rocks will start spinning around the heart in a circle. You have to stay inside the summon range for the baby golems to spawn.

  • The first baby takes 10 seconds to spawn,
  • Then the second baby spawns around 20 seconds later
  • And finally, the third baby is another 20 seconds after the second baby
  • So for all 3 baby golems, it takes approximately 50 seconds in total

Most of the Olun’s Heart statues are located near a main golem, so you can aggro them during the pre-pull to try and get extra baby spawns for more trash.

Another trick is to use your horse to aggro the heart. You pull the heart and then whistle the horse to your location, or ride your horse and place it near the heart when moving to the next golem. Make sure you do not put the horse near a main golem so that it doesn’t get killed!

Class Information

Oluns Valley is most efficient when using a Shai class to buff, pre-pull, and DPS, alongside 2 other classes to DPS.

Succession Striker is a popular choice and running 1 Shai class + 2 Succession Strikers used to be considered the best class combination. However, you can grind Oluns with whatever class you like, and many different combinations of classes are being used in the groups that pull the highest loot numbers. You may find that other class combinations work best for you and your group, so don’t feel that you have to play what is considered meta! Double Shai groups can also work but isn’t as good as it used to be since Shai can now max level all their buff skills, so you don’t get the bonus buff anymore by running 2 Shais. However, it can still be good for players who are learning and can take pressure off the Shai since the responsibilities are shared.


The Shai class is highly desirable for Oluns groups since they have group buffs, heals, and debuff skills. They are also usually responsible for pre-pulling the main golem.

Skill Details
Buff Combo:Use the skill “Sun’s Fury” from your Hotbar to activate the skill even in the Florang state.You then hop once with [A/D + SHIFT] to cancel out of the skill, and then use [F], [A+F], [S+F]. then [D+F] to quickly cast the skills.You can cancel out of the skill at the end using [A + LMB], or you can use Outta My Way! [SPACE] if you have 3 Leaves collected.These skills give a 60-second buff to yourself and your allies, make sure these buffs are up at all times!In most groups, you usually pop buffs just before the main golem dies so that all players are fully buffed for the next golem.For slower groups, you may also need to rebuff when the baby golems are being spawned, but it depends on the group’s clear speed. 
I recommend putting Misty Haze [Q] on your hotbar and using it at the start of every golem to debuff. The skill has a 3-minute cooldown, so if it comes off cooldown in the middle of a golem, just save it for the start of the next golem.Some players prefer to use Delusive Light from hotbar instead, then dash forward to cancel out of it, and then press [Q] for Misty Haze.You can cancel out of Misty Haze using [A + LMB] as soon as you see the light effects from the skill, or you can use Outta My Way! [SPACE] if you have 3 Leaves collected.
Outta My Way! can be used by pressing [SPACE] when you have 3 Leaves collected.The skill gives 30 AP for 30 seconds to yourself and your allies.
Cheer Up! is a heal that gives you and your allies HP recovery over time.You can use the skill by pressing [E] when you are in Florang state.You also have other healing skills, such as Get Well [Shift + E], which can heal instantly.
Tuck-and-Roll is a self-buff you can use by pressing [W+F] in Florang State.The skill will give you Attack Speed +20% for 10 seconds.
Do it Better! is your “E buff” class skill and can be used by pressing [E]. You can then cancel the skill animation with [C].It has a 3-minute cooldown and should be used every time it is up.The skill gives 30 AP and Special Attack Damage to yourself and allies.
Your Rage Absorption skill [Z] is unique to other classes since it will also give the buff to your allies.Use the skill close to your allies when you have 100% Black Spirit’s Rage.
Pre-pulling Skills:You can use Twirl-Boom! [SHIFT + Z] or Eat This! [LMB + RMB] to pre-pull golems.Go to pre-pull the next golem in the rotation as soon as the arm is destroyed.

Beginner DPS Combo Example:

[W + F] > [S + RMB] > [S + LMB] >  [RMB] (x1 hit) > [Q] > [RMB] (x2 hits) > [S + RMB] > [S + LMB] >  [RMB] (x1 hit) > [Q] > [RMB] (x2 hits) > Repeat…

  • Credit goes to TheCrux for this combo, his Oluns Shai guide is also super useful for players who are both new to shai, or a shai main!
  • Use the combo on a loop. Your attack speed buff from Tuck-and-Roll should be ending around the time you finish the combo so you can keep it refreshed.
  • When using the Go! [Q] skill, the attack always goes to the left, so turn your camera to the right a little during the skill to reposition it.

Add-ons Example:

These are example add-ons to go with the combo listed above. Credit goes to BlOniKe for sharing these!


Succession Striker is still one of the top DPS classes for Oluns. They also have a taunt skill “Crouching Wolf” [SPACE] which is really useful for pre-pulls and more advanced mechanics.

DPS Combo Example:

The combo below is broken into 3 parts to make it easier to learn since it is quite long.

Part 1 –

[RMB] > [RMB] (Deathstrike) > [RMB] (Bombardment) > [LMB] (Venom Fang) > [LMB] (Final Blow) > [S + Q] > [LMB + RMB] > [S + LMB + RMB] > [LMB] > [S + LMB + RMB] >

Part 2 –

[SHIFT + LMB] > [SHIFT + Q] > [SHIFT + RMB] > [RMB] (Deathstrike) > [RMB] (Bombardment) > [LMB] (Venom Fang) > [LMB] (Final Blow) > [RMB] (Adamantine) > [LMB] > [S + F] > [S + Q] > [LMB + RMB] > [S + LMB + RMB] >

Part 3 –

[SHIFT + LMB] > [SHIFT + RMB] > [RMB] (Deathstrike) > [RMB] (Bombardment) > [LMB] (Venom Fang) > [LMB] (Final Blow) > [S + LMB + RMB] > [LMB]

  • Make sure you only do Somersault and don’t hold [Q] too long or you will also use the skill Rising Blast Combo
  • Rampaging Predator [W + C] and Somersault [S + Q] can be used after your dash.
  • You should have 3 Shards to use Crouching Wolf to pull and gain the attack speed, so make sure you time it well and don’t waste it.
  • If you use the entire combo and the golem is still alive. Freestyle the rest using whatever skills are not on cooldown, or if you want to create your own combo. Just make sure you use all of the Crimson Fang tree, have 3 shards for Roaring Tiger, and use the Wolf’s Fang Flow when it is up.
  • If you don’t have the Magnus skill, replace Heart and Soul with Iron Fist Fury or Rampaging Predator

Add-ons Example:

These are example add-ons to go with the combo listed above. Credit goes to Mimikry for sharing these and the combo to go with them.

Loot Breakdown

  • Average silver per hour is over 800 million silver using a blue loot scroll and Agris Fever.
  • However, more advanced groups are able to pull between 4k – 5k trash with blue + Agris, which is way above the average.
  • It is recommended to use a blue loot scroll (level 1 on your Item Drop Gauge) and turn Agris Fever ON!
  • You can use yellow instead (level 2 on your Item Drop Gauge) but blue with Agris is more efficient.
  • Check this Trash calculator for more details!
ItemUseAverage per hour (based on blue LS + Agris)
Golem’s Heart FragmentTrash loot that drops at Oluns Valley, sale price is 107,000 eachx3,500
Purple Floating Stone FragmentTrash loot that drops at Oluns Valley, sale price is 27,500 eachx9
Black Stone (Armor/Weapon)Black Stone (Armor) and Black Stone (Weapon) enhancement materialsx300 of each
Caphras StoneUsed to upgrade various gear with Caphras Levels.x100
Ancient Spirit DustUsed to craft Caphras Stonesx150
OlucasUsed to craft an Olucas’ CrystalUse Simple Alchemy in the Processing window to turn Olucas x1, Black Magic Crystal – Precision x1, and Magical Shard x20 into Olucas’ Crystal.x2
ArtifactsVarious artifacts can drop from Olun’s Valley. Check our Artifact and Lightstone guide for more informationx0.1
Imperfect LightstonesVarious Lightstones can drop from Olun’s Valley. Check our Artifact and Lightstone guide for more informationx1
Mass of Pure MagicIngredient to create Cup of Dwindling Starlight and Cup of a Lonely Cloud, which can be fused onto rings to gain additional statsIngredient to create Scorching Sun Gemstones to enhance Godr-Ayed Weapons.Ingredient to create Flawless Magical Black Stones and Flawless Chaotic Black Stones to enhance Black Star and Fallen God/Labreska Armor.x0.1
Venomous Night FangCan be used to create an Ibedor’s Scroll by Processing (L) Simple Alchemy: Venomous Night Fang x5These scrolls are worth doing in high-end groups for additional silver – Ibedor’s Scroll Guide by Quendyax8
Quturan’s Ashen Leaf (Red)The red Quturan’s Ashen Leaf drops from monsters at Olun’s Valley.You can obtain the La Orzeca Armor piece by processing (L) > Simple Alchemy: Quturan’s Ashen Leaf x100 then exchanging the Right Lung.x4
Quturan’s Right LungYou can obtain the La Orzeca Armor piece by exchanging the Right Lungx0.015
Rich Merchant’s Ring PieceThe Rich Merchant’s Ring piece has a very low chance of dropping and is used to create the Rich Merchant Ring treasure item.x0.0016

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