Maegu Class Guide


Class guides are a rough explanation of the class, designed to give you an idea of the class and what you should be aiming for. You should really adapt the guide and follow your own instincts to match your play style!

I highly recommend looking at as many different sources as possible. The class discords are a great place to start, most have their own guides and resources as well as plenty of skilled players willing to help with questions.

The Maegu class uses a Foxspirit Charm as her primary weapon and a Binyeo Kinife as her secondary weapon. She is a ranged magic user, specialising in Do arts and trained at the Jwado school. Her homeland is the Land of the Morning Light, which is an Asian-themed region, inspired by Korean folklore. Maegu is also the older sister and twin of the Woosa class.

At level 56, Maegu unlocks her succession skills. Succession Maegu can cast a variety of ranged attacks through spells using her foxspirit charm, or scatter the charms around her to deal melee damage. Maegu can also use magic to summon an clone of herself, confusing her enemies, as she swaps postions with her double.


For her awakening, Maegu will swap weapons with her sister Woosa. She will use a Fan as her awakening, and Woosu will use the charm as her awakening. This has been confirmed in the Dev Commentary, which you can view below.

Although the twins will share the same weapons, their combat styles are very different, and they were designed to be almost polar opposites, so despite the weapons, we can expect a very different style than we have seen so far for their awakenings.

Skill Builds

Since the skill point update in late 2022, you can obtain all skills for approximately 1,000 skill points. Focus on your main skills first, then level the passives. The Weight Training skill should be leveled last since it only gives you weight limit increase.

[Click to Show/Hide] Maegu Succession Build — 981 Skill Points

Protected Skills

It is important to read through your skills to understand which skills have protection and crowd control effects. Read through your skills carefully to get familiar with what each skill does. You can also filter the different effects in the Skill Window (K).

  • Super armor(SA)
    • This means you cannot be crowd controlled while this effect is active (except grab/grapple), but you will still take damage from any attacks
  • Forward guard (FG)
    • This means you will block damage and crowd control effects coming from the front direction of your character. The block can be broken if you take enough damage and you will see a blue shield with a number, indicating the % left of the block.
    • Some classes have an “S block”. This means you will automatically use Forward Guard when moving backward with “S”.
  • Invincible (I-frame)
    • This means that you will not take damage and cannot be crowd controlled from any direction for the duration of the effect
Absolute: Foxspirit: Tag
Prime: Foxspirit: Tag
RMBSuper Armor during the skill
Absolute: Bared Claws
Prime: Bared Claws
A/D + LMBForward Guard
Flow: Nether RiverLMB during certain SkillsForward Guard during the skill
Absolute: Ghost Bomb
Prime: Ghost Bomb
A/D + RMBInvincible while moving
Flow: HanpuriE during certain skillsSuper Armor
Absolute: Soul Tear
Prime: Soul Tear
W + QSuper Armor before the attack hits
Invincible while concealed
Absolute: PetalblastS + RMBSuper Armor during the skill
Absolute: Petal Play
Prime: Petal Play
SHIFT + LMBForward Guard before the attack hits
Absolute: Foxflare
Prime: Foxflare
SHIFT + QSuper Armor before the attack hits
Absolute: Spirit Swirl
Prime: Spirit Swirl
SHIFT + FSuper Armor during the skill
Absolute: Flower Shroud
Prime: Flower Shroud
W/S + EForward Guard
Absolute: Bristling Sparks
Prime: Bristling Sparks
SHIFT + RMBSuper Armor during the skill
Absolute: Spirited Away
Prime: Spirited Away
S + LMBForward Guard
Absolute: Lurking Claws
Prime: Lurking Claws
S + FSuper Armor during the skill
Absolute: Heavenward Dance
Prime: Heavenward Dance
W + RMBSuper Armor during the skill
Prime: Foxspirit: FormHotbar onlySuper Armor during the skill
Prime: Nukduri DanceSHIFT + CSuper Armor during the skill
Spirit StepSHIFT + W/A/S/DInvincible > Super Armor
Chain: Spirit StepSHIFT + W/A/S/DSuper Armor
Invincible when character disappears
Absolute: Path of PetalsW + FInvincible during first movement
Super Armor during the skill

Locked Skills

To lock a skill, press the lock icon on the top of each skill icon in the skill window (K).

These are the Succession skills I recommend locking to help prevent messing up combos during PVP.

  • Evasion

Hotbar Skills

These are the minimum skills I recommend putting on your hotbar.

You may also want to put more skills on your hotbar and cooldown slots to keep track of them. For more information about how to do this, check out our Edit UI and Settings Guide.

Skill NameReason
 Prime: Foxspirit: FormCan only be used from Hotbar
 Constriction Charm
(Level 57 Rabam)
Optional: Some players find it easier to use from Hotbar for quick use.
 Spirit SparksOR
Soul Charm(Level 58 Rabam)
Can only be used from Hotbar

Skill Enhancement (Rabam) Skills

Skill Enhancement skills can be obtained in the Skill Window (K) under the “Skill Enhancement” tab at the top. At levels 56, 57, and 58, you will have 2 different options to choose between. These skills have no skill points cost, but you have to have other skills leveled up to be able to take them.

Level 56 – [SHIFT + X]

  • Heavenly Return – Requires [Flow: Hanpuri] and [Soulflame III]
  • Spirit Parade – Requires [Flow: Hanpuri] and [Soulsnare III]

For the level 56 rabam, the choice is down to preference. Both skills can flow nicely out of Flow: Hanpuri by pressing (F) or (E) afterward.

So you can just hold (E) to use Soulflame > Flow: Hanpuri > Heavenly Return/Spirit Parade, or you can hold (F) to use Soulsnae > Flow: Hanpuri > Heavenly Return/Spirit Parade

Heavenly Return is an unprotected skill with a Stun CC. The skill is quick to cast with a short animation and has good damage.

Spirit Parade has a Super Armor protection, and can be useful for trading damage in PVP. The damage is decent and the skill also has a push CC that only works on monsters.

Level 57 – [SHIFT + Z]

  • Petal Snare – Requires [Petal Play III] and [Petalblast III]
  • Constricting Charm – Requires [Petal Play III] and [Spirit Swirl IV]
    • (Preferred Choice)

For the level 57 rabams, Constricting Charm is the more popular choice at the moment.

Petal Snare has Forward Guard protection and moves you backwards slightly. The skill has a long animation, but it can be canceled using your (SHIFT + W/A/S/D) dash.

In comparison, Constricting Charm is a faster skill with better damage. It has Super Armor protection and can also flow nicely into the Level 58 rabam: Spirit Sparks by holding (LMB) at the end.

Level 58 – [Quickslot Only]

  • Spirit Sparks – Requires [Spirit Swirl IV] and [Bristling Sparks IV]
    • (Preferred Choice)
  • Soul Charm – Requires [Spirit Swirl IV] and [Spirited Away IV]

For the 3rd Rabam skill, Spirit Sparks is the recommended choice. It has Forward Guard protection and flows nicely after the level 57 rabam: Constirctiong Charm by holding (LMB). The skill has good damage and also has decent HP recovery on hits.

Soul Charm also has Super Armor and recovers a flat number of HP instead, with no damage or CC. The skill is only really useful as a small heal after you have disengaged in PVP, since it has a slow stationary animation that can leave you vulnerable to a grab.

Skill Add-ons

Below are some examples of PVE skill add-ons you can take. These add-ons are recommended by the Class Discord for the specific combos listed in this guide. Full credit goes to the original sharer.

If you would like example skill add-ons for other scenarios, please refer to the Class Discord and its resources.

I recommend experimenting with your add-ons and figuring out what is best for you because it really depends on your personal preference and how you play your class. If you’re simply not sure what to take then you can blindly follow the examples below and they will still be effective.

You can also check our Skill Add-on guide for a complete list of Skill Add-ons.

Petal Play IAll Evasion Rate -4% for 10 sec for target
All DP +15 for 7 sec
Foxflare ICritical Hit Rate +20% for 7 sec
Extra AP Against Monsters +20 for 7 sec
Spirit Swirl IAll DP -20 for 10 sec for target
150 bleeding damage per 3 sec for 15 sec
Flower Shroud IAll DP -15 for 10 sec for target
Attack/Casting Speed +7% for 7 sec
Bristling Sparks IExtra AP Against Monsters +30 for 7 sec
Critical Hit Rate +30% for 7 sec

Skill Cancels

Some skills can be “canceled” by comboing them with another skill. Canceling a skill can shorten the skill casting animation, making some skills almost instant and shortening the unprotected gaps. Below is a list of Skill cancels for you to learn.

Succession Skill Cancels

 Spirit Step (SHIFT + W/A/S/D) can be canceled into using almost any other skill, to skip the first Super Armor, shortening the skill, but giving you Invincibility straight away.

  • Eg. You can use Charm Mastery (LMB) > Spirit Step (SHIFT + W/A/S/D)
  • or Lurking Claws (S + F) > Spirit Step (SHIFT + W/A/S/D)
  • or Foxflare (SHIFT + Q) > Spirit Step (SHIFT + W/A/S/D)
  • etc.

 Spirit Swirl (SHIFT + F) can be canceled into by using almost any skill first to remove the starting animation:

  • Eg. You can use Soul Tear (W + Q) > Spirit Swirl (SHIFT + F)
  • or Heavenward Dance (W + RMB) > Spirit Swirl (SHIFT + F)
  • or Foxflare (SHIFT + Q) > Spirit Swirl (SHIFT + F)
  • etc.

 Petal Play (SHIFT + LMB) can be canceled into by using certain skills first:

  • Eg. You can use Spirited Away (S + LMB) > Petal Play (SHIFT + LMB)
  • or Bared Claws (A/D + LMB) > Petal Play (SHIFT + LMB)

 Foxpirit: Tag (RMB) can be canceled into by using certain skills first:

  • Eg. Use Spirit Step (SHIFT + W/A/S/D) > Foxspirit: Tag (RMB)
  • or Bared Claws (A/D + LMB) > Foxspirit: Tag (RMB)
  • or Flower Shroud (W/S + E) > Foxspirit: Tag (RMB)

 Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB) can be canceled into by using almost any skill first to remove the starting animation:

  • Eg. Use Spirit Step (SHIFT + W/A/S/D) > Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB)
  • or  Ghost Bomb (A/D + RMB) > Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB)
  • or Floud Shroud (W/S + E) > Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB)
  • or Lurking Claws (S + F) > Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB)
  • etc.

 Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB) and many other long animation skills can also be canceled early:

  • Eg. You can use Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB) > Bared Claws (A/D + LMB)
  • or Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB) > Spirit Step (SHIFT + W/A/S/D)
  • or Spirit Swirl (SHIFT + F) > Bared Claws (A/D + LMB)
  • etc.

Clone Mechanic (Succession)

Succession Maegu has a unique mechanic, allowing her to create an exact clone of herself and swap places with it to confuse her enemies in combat.

The clone is an exact copy of your character, even down to the outfit (including dye settings). It appears as a white dot on the mini-map like a normal player, and also has your character name, family name, guild name, title, and rankings. The clone will also have a HP bar with the same HP as when you cast the skill.

Maegu can use  Prime: Foxspriit: Deceiver [Q] to swap places with her clone. The swap is unprotected but almost instant and the clone will shortly disappear after the swap. You cannot use the [Q] swap if you are CC’d.

Clones do not take damage and cannot be CC’d. You can also walk through them without collision but they do have a red cross-hair when you aim at them.

Maegu can create a clone using the following skills:

  •  Soul Tear (W + Q)
  •  Bared Claws (A/D + LMB)
  •  Flower Shroud (W + E)

Advanced Use:

Teleporting to your clone can also displace any skills that have a casting animation, moving the skill with you when you swap locations.

  • Eg. Use Bared Claw (A/D + LMB) to summon a clone, then Spirit Swirl (SHIFT + F) and then press (Q) during the Spirit Swirl skill animation to teleport to the clone whilst still casting Spirit Swirl.

Example Skill Combos

Below are some example Skill Combos from the Maegu and Twin discord to practise and get you started. For more combos and more information about your skills, or how to flow your skills together, check the Twin Discord server or Maegu Discord Server. Full credit goes to the Discords and original sharer of the combos.


[SHIFT] + [W] > [W] + [F] > [F] > [W] + [E] > [W] + [Q]

This is an example mobility combo for general movement.


[SHIFT] + [Q] > [W/S] + [E] > [SHIFT] + [LMB] > [S] + [LMB] > [W] + [RMB] > [SHIFT] + [RMB] > [RMB] > [S] + [RMB] > [SHIFT] + [F] > [S] + [SPACE] > Repeat…

This is an example PVE combo by player Archamarge.

To start of this combo, Archamarge highly suggests that you pull your mobs/packs with Bared Claws (A/D + LMB) and Flow: Nether River (LMB) for the evasion rate -9% debuff, and the +20 AP buff. You can also find more information here and recommended addons.


[A/D] + [LMB] > [RMB] > [SPACE] > [S] + [LMB] > [SHIFT] + [LMB] > [SHIFT] + [Q] > [SHIFT] + [RMB] > [W] + [RMB] > [RMB] > [SPACE] > [SHIFT] + [F] > [S] + [LMB] > [SHIFT] + [LMB] > [SHIFT] + [Q] > [W] + [RMB] > Repeat…

This is an example PVE combo by player De_Santos and can be used in an infinite loop, designed for higher end grind spots like Gyfin and Hexe.


[S] + [F] > [S] + [E] > [RMB] > [SPACE] > [SHIFT] + [Q] > [F] > [SHIFT] + [LMB] > [A/D] + [LMB]

This is an example PVP combo by player Akaglitch. Recommended Addons. You can also end the combo with Heavenward Dance (W + RMB) or Soulflame (E)


[SHIFT] + [Q] > [SPACE] > [S] + [LMB] > [SHIFT] + [LMB] > [A/D] + [LMB]

This is a PVP combo designed for largescale PVP, shared by player and Streamer itmeBloo.


[W/S] + [E] > [SHIFT] + [Q] > [SHIFT] + [LMB] > [S] + [LMB] > [RMB] > [SPACE]

This is a PVP combo designed for 1v1 duels, shared by player Elluna with recommended addons

You can start the combo with Bristling Sparks (SHIFT + RMB) or Flower Shroud (W/S + E) for a Stun CC.


[W/S] + [E] > [A/D] + [LMB] (x1 hit) > [RMB] > [SPACE] > [SHIFT] + [Q] > [S] + [LMB] > [SHIFT] + [LMB] > [W] + [RMB] > [SHIFT] + [F]

This is an example of a PVP combo starting with a Stun CC catch and re-cc with Foxflare (SHIFT + Q)


Mainhand WeaponDetails

Tuvala Foxspirit Charm
Tuvala Weapons are obtained through Season Servers and are the best starting weapons. If you are a new or returning player, I would recommend creating a Season Character.

Kzarka Foxspirit Charm
Kzarka is a boss weapon that you will upgrade your Tuvala weapon into. It is a great weapon for PVX.

Offin Tett Foxspirit Charm
Offin Tett is a boss weapon alternative. Most players tend to pick Kzarka. The difference is that Offin has slightly more AP which can help you reach the higher AP brackets more easily, in return you lose accuracy, which can be fine on certain classes that don’t rely on accuracy too much. If you are unsure of which weapon to go for, just go with Kzarka.

Blackstar Foxspirit Charm
Blackstar is the best in slot PVE weapon. Godr-Ayed weapons are an alternative to Blackstar weapons, with the same stats but a different enhancing method.You can swap from a PEN Kzarka to a TET Blackstar and it will still perform better in PVE due to the additional monster damage. The monster damage applies to both your pre-awakening and awakening skills, even though it is a main-hand weapon. Unlike boss weapons, you cannot put caphras into this weapon, but it has a higher base AP. PEN Blackstars are also the hardest weapons to enhance.
Offhand WeaponDetails
Tuvala Binyeo KnifeTuvala Weapons are obtained through Season Servers and are the best starting weapons. If you are a new or returning player, I would recommend creating a Season Character.
Kutum Binyeo KnifeKutum is the offhand weapon you should get first and should swap your Tuvala offhand for.The Kutum weapons have a mixture of AP and DP with additional monster damage. This makes them great for PVE and they are also good in PVP when running hybrid evasion builds on certain classes.You can also enhance this weapon with a Garmoth’s Heart to make it a Fiery weapon with extra stats.
Nouver Binyeo KnifeNouver is your PVP offhand. It is considered the best in slot for PVP in most classes due to its high AP.You can also enhance this weapon with a Garmoth’s Heart to make it a Fiery weapon with extra stats.
Blackstar Binyeo KnifeBlackstar offhands are another choice for PVE. Godr-Ayed weapons are an alternative to Blackstar weapons, with the same stats but a different enhancing method.However, when you compare a PEN Blackstar offhand with a PEN Kutum (Caphras 20), there is very little difference between the two. Blackstars are known to be the hardest weapons in the game to enhance, and obtaining a PEN Kutum with caphras level 20 is much more obtainable, for this reason, it is not recommended to go with a Blackstar offhand at the moment and would be an endgame goal for very few players.


For your armor, you will make a choice between Damage Reduction or Evasion gear. I recommend reading our guide about the two different DP stats if you want to learn what the two different stats do.

Generally, you are recommended to build Damage Reduction on Maegu at first, then swap to Evasion later on, this is because Evasion performs better on Maegu at high gearscore.

Because of the way the Evasion stat works, you may find that you are squishy for a long time and that your Evasion isn’t really doing much for you. This is why players only recommend swapping to Evasion armors once you reach full PEN gear with Caphras Level 9 or higher. It is also worth noting that Damage Reduction is still viable on Maegu, and is also viable on all classes, while Evasion is not viable on all classes. I highly recommend doing some research before committing to Evasion.

Tuvala SetTuvala HelmetTuvala ArmorTuvala GlovesTuvala ShoesTuvala Armors are obtained through Season Servers and are the best starting armors. If you are a new or returning player, I would recommend creating a Season Character. 
Boss Set (Damage Reduction)Griffon HelmetRed Nose ArmorBheg’s GlovesUrugon’s ShoesThis boss set is the most popular boss set to go for after graduating from Season. This set is focuses on Damage Reduction, which is viable on all classes.Classes which should always pick damage reduction:Warrior, Ranger, Berserker, Tamer, Valkyrie, Wizard, Witch, Dark Knight, Archer, Guardian, Nova, Drakania, WoosaThis is because these classes either have bad base evasion or have shields that scale well with Damage Reduction.** Choosing the Red Nose Armor is recommended instead of Dim Tree to save you silver later on, since it requires far fewer caphras to get to caphras level 10.
Boss Set (Evasion)
Griffon HelmetRed Nose ArmorLeebur’s GlovesMuskan’s Shoes
This boss set is the evasion build boss set. If you are unsure of which to pick, the general answer is to just go with the Damage Reduction set.Evasion is only considered good on certain classes:Striker, Mystic, Hashashin, Shaiand can be considered viable on other classes in return for less damage:Sorceress, Musa, Maehwa, Ninja, Kunoichi, Lahn, Sage, Corsair, Maegu** Choosing the Red Nose Armor is recommended instead of Dim Tree to save you silver later on, since it requires far fewer caphras to get to caphras level 10.
Fallen God ArmorFallen God Armor is the best in slot armor piece.It will eventually replace your Red Nose armor. To make the Fallen God Armor, you will need a Flame of Despair and a PEN Red Nose or Dim Tree Armor with level 10 caphras. This is why it is recommended to go with Red Nose, since it costs fewer caphras to get to caphras level 10.
Labreska HelmetLabreska Helmet is the best in slot helmet piece. It will eventually replace your Giath/Griffon helmet. To make the Labreska helmet you will need a Flame of Frost and a PEN Giath or Griffon Helmet with level 10 caphras. Both of these helmets require the same amount of caphras to get to level 10.


There are various different accessories in the game. At first, just focus on using the accessories that give you the highest AP in each slot.

There are also “free” accessories that all new players should get:

AccessoryHow to obtain
Tuvala AccessoriesTuvala accessories are starter accessories obtained from the Season Server.Try to push up your accessories to PEN if possible, but if you don’t have much time to play Season, then focus on your Weapons and Armor first.
PEN Capotia NecklaceYou can obtain a FREE PEN Capotia Accessory from the Season Servers Special Reward.For your first season, it is recommended to get the PEN Capotia Necklace because it gives the most AP. You then want to create another Season character in the next season to get the PEN Capotia Belt, and finally the PEN Capotia Ring or Earring. 
PEN Ring of Crescent GuardianYou can obtain a PEN Ring of Crescent Guardian by completing Jetina’s PEN Accessory quests.These are daily quests that take a minimum of 45 days to complete. Every new and returning player should complete these as early as possible for a highly discounted PEN accessory.

Common Starter PVE accessories:

  • TET Black Distortion Earrings or TET Narc Ear Accessory (PEN Capotia Earring)
  • TET Basilisk’s Belt (or PEN Capotia Belt)
  • TET Ring of Crescent Guardian
  • TET Ogre Ring/Laytenn’s Necklace (or PEN Capotia Necklace).
 PEN Tuvala Necklace PEN Capotia Necklace PEN Tungrad Necklace PEN Ogre Ring PEN Laytenn’s Necklace
 PEN Tuvala Ring PEN Capotia RingPEN Ring of Crescent GuardianPEN Tungrad RingPEN Eye of the Ruins Ring
 PEN Tuvala Belt PEN Capotia BeltPEN Basilisk BeltPEN Valtarra Eclipsed BeltPEN Tungrad Belt
 PEN Tuvala Earring PEN Capotia EarringTET Black Distortion Earring


Below is an example starter Crystal build for PVE. Some of the crystals are expensive. You can obtain the Rebellious Crystal by completing the main story questline. For more example crystal builds, including an end-game PVE crystal build, and PVP Crystal builds, check our Crystal Preset Guide.

  • Ah’krad Crystal x2
  • Rebellious Spirit Crystal x2
  • Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine x2
  • Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame – Power x2
  • Dark Red Fang Crystal – Valor x2
  • Corrupted Magic Crystal x2
  • Max HP +350
  • All AP +34
  • All Accuracy +6
  • Extra Damage to Monsters +20
  • Hidden Damage Reduction -4
  • Knockdown/Bound Resistance +50%
  • Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +10%
  • Critical Hit Level +4
  • Critical Hit Damage +22%
  • Skill EXP +10%

This is an example PVP Build for Maegus using Damage Reduction Armors and going full Human Damage (glass cannon). For more example crystal builds, check our Crystal Preset Guide or the Class Discord.

  • Glorious Crystal of Gallantry – Olucas x2
  • Red Spirit Crystal x2
  • Crystal of Elkarr x2
  • Corrupted Magic Crystal x2
  • JIN: Magic Crystal – Viper x2
  • Red Battlefield Crystal: Viper x2
  • Red Battlefield Crystal: Carmae x2
  • Ancient Spirit’s Crystal – Swiftness x1
  • All accuracy +70
  • Ignore All Resistance +20%
  • Max HP +200
  • All AP +14
  • Extra Damage to Humans +56
  • All Damage Reduction -4
  • Critical Hit Damage +22%
  • Attack, Casting Speed +2%
  • Attack Speed +6
  • Casting Speed +4
  • Critical Hit +2
  • Movement Speed +2

This is an example PVP Build for Maegus using Evasion armors and wanting a more balanced generic build. For more example crystal builds, check our Crystal Preset Guide or the Class Discord.

  • HAN Magic Crystal – Hoom x4
  • Glorious Crystal of Gallantry – Olucas x2
  • Red Spirit Crystal x2
  • Crystal of Elkarr x2
  • JIN Glorious Crystal of Honor – Special Evasion x2
  • JIN: Magic Crystal – Viper x2
  • Ancient Spirit’s Crystal – Swiftness x1
  • All accuracy +80
  • Ignore All Resistance +20%
  • All Resistance +4%
  • Grapple Resistance +3%
  • Knockdown/Bound Resistance +3%
  • Knockback/Floating Resistance +3%
  • Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +3%
  • Max HP +1170
  • All AP +10
  • Extra AP Against Monster +10
  • All Damage Reduction +20
  • All Evasion +8
  • Special Attack Evasion Rate +20%
  • Attack Speed +2
  • Casting Speed +2
  • Movement Speed +2

Artifacts and Lightstones

There are a few different viable choices for both Artifacts and Lightstone combos. Maegu is the “Magic Damage” type so you want to go for Magic Accuracy and Magic Damage for offensive artifacts.

For PVE Lighstones there are a few different options to min-max. For certain spots, you may want to use Species damage combos (eg. The Wild: Demihumans, The Wild: Kamaslyvia, The Wild: Humans). Species damage combos perform better if you are reaching the monster AP caps at a certain zone.

A more generic PVE combo is listed below that is recommended for your class and will work at any spot.

You can also find more information about Artifacts and Lightstones, and how to obtain them, in our guide. We also have a list of Best in slot Artifacts and Lightstones.

Artifacts for PVE:

Marsh’s Artifact – Extra AP Against Monsters

  • (Extra Damage to Monsters +6)

Lesha’s Artifact – Monster Damage Reduction

  • (Monster Damage Reduction +9)

Artifacts for PVP:

Marsh’s Artifact – Magic AP

  • (Magic AP +4)

Marsh’s Artifact – Magic Accuracy

  • (Magic Accuracy +8)
PVE Lightstone Combo
[Vicious Shadows]
Fire: Predation
Fire: Predation
Fire: Shadows
 Fire: Strike
Total Combo Effects:
Monster AP +13
Back Attack Damage +6%
Critical Damage +3%
PVP – Offensive Lightstone Combo
[Target Openings]
Fire: Rage
Fire: Marked
Wind: Lungs
 Fire: Strike
Total Combo Effects:
All AP +10
All Accuracy +16
Maximum Stamina +100
Critical Damage +6%

Useful Links/Credits

I highly recommend checking out the Twin Class Discord and Maegu Class Discord for resources about your class. The class discords always have the most up-to-date information and tons of experienced players that can help with questions or gearing advice. I would like to give a shoutout to the Mod and Helper roles in the Twin and Maegu discord for all their hard work gathering resources. I would also like to thank Naru for reaching out and offering to help with the creation of this guide. You can find additional resources below, I honestly cannot recommend enough to join the discord.

Useful links to check out:

  • Official Maegu Forums
  • Maegu Succession Combo Guide by Quendya
  • Maegu Movment Guide by Qoald
  • Maegu Succession Cheat Sheet by itmeBloo
  • Maegu Succession PVP Combo by Horsey

PVP Montage Videos:

  • Maegu Succession PVP by Exal
  • Maegu Succession PVP by REED
  • Maegu Succession PVP by k3n
  • Maegu Succession RBF and Arena of Solare PVP by MOON
  • Maegu Succession Arena of Solare PVP by Khaoz
  • Maegu Succession Arena of Solare PVP by Chekzthisout TV

Credits Disclaimer: Since there are now 26 BDO classes, it is impossible for me to keep class guides fully maintained. My main class is Ranger and I don’t claim to be the best in any class. Therefore, I use resources and recommendations from the Class discords since (as all other players would agree) this is the best source. I also ask for advice from friends who are more experienced in the class. Where possible, I credit specific players for information such as Add-ons, and combos. However, sometimes there is no player mentioned as the original sharer. If there are any issues with credit or you would like certain information removed/changed, please reach out to me!

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