Dahn’s Gloves


The Dahn’s Gloves and Land of the Morning Light content in this guide is currently not available on EU/NA. Some things that are mentioned in this guide are subject to change, the names of items are also roughly translated to English and are likely to change when we get the official localization.

The Dahn’s Gloves are the best-in-slot gloves in BDO and arrived with the Land of the Morning Light region. The gloves were the third piece to be released in the “Ancient” gear set, with the Fallen God Armor arriving first in the O’Dyllita region, then Labreska Helmet with the Mountain of Eternal Winter region.

The gloves have similar base stats as Bheg’s/Leebur’s with Caphras level 10. However, the Dahn’s Gloves can be enhanced from base to PEN for higher stats.

3 Set Boss Gear Effect:

  • Max Stamina +200

4 Set Boss Gear Effect:

  • Attack Speed +1%
  • Casting Speed +1%

2 Set Ancient Gear Effect:

  • Max HP +100
  • Monster Damage Reduction +10

3 Set Ancient Gear Effect:

  • Max HP +300

Unlike the Fallen God/Labreska, Dahn’s Gloves have 2 different versions you can choose between, depending on whether you are going for a Damage Reduction or Evasion build. You can also swap between the two gloves through an exchange quest.

Enhancement LevelDahn’s GlovesDahn’s Gloves
+0Accuracy: 50
Defense: 70
– Evasion: 31 (+84)
– Damage Reduction: 39 (+24)
Accuracy: 25
Defense: 72
– Evasion: 38 (+109)
– Damage Reduction: 34 (+22)
(PRI) Desperate Dahn’s GlovesAccuracy: 50
Defense: 73
– Evasion: 33 (+85)
– Damage Reduction: 40 (+26)
Accuracy: 25
Defense: 75
– Evasion: 40 (+110)
– Damage Reduction: 35 (+24)
(DUO) Distorted Dahn’s GlovesAccuracy: 50
Defense: 76
– Evasion: 34 (+86)
– Damage Reduction: 42 (+27)
Accuracy: 25
Defense: 78
– Evasion: 41 (+111)
– Damage Reduction: 37 (+25)
(TRI) Silent Dahn’s GlovesAccuracy: 50
Defense: 79
– Evasion: 36 (+88)
– Damage Reduction: 43 (+29)
Accuracy: 25
Defense: 81
– Evasion: 43 (+113)
– Damage Reduction: 38 (+27)
(TET) Wailing Dahn’s GlovesAccuracy: 50
Defense: 82
– Evasion: 38 (+90)
– Damage Reduction: 44 (+31)
Accuracy: 25
Defense: 84
– Evasion: 45 (+115)
– Damage Reduction: 39 (+29)
(PEN) Obliterating Dahn’s GlovesAccuracy: 50
Defense: 85
– Evasion: 40 (+92)
– Damage Reduction: 45 (+33)
Accuracy: 25
Defense: 87
– Evasion: 47 (+117)
– Damage Reduction: 40 (+31)

How to Obtain

Dahn’s Gloves are obtained by completing a questline in Land of the Morning Light.

  • Obtained from the Goddess Fox Sculpture NPC
  • The quest can be completed once per day, resetting at 00:00.

You will need the items for one of these 3 options:

Quest NameRequirements
Option 1[Crafting] Dahn’s Gloves – Blackstar Armor PEN: Blackstar Gloves
 Flame of Hongik x1
Option 2[Crafting] Dahn’s Gloves – Bheg’s GlovesPEN: Bheg’s Gloves (Caphras Lv. 10)
 Flame of Hongik x1
Option 3[Crafting] Dahn’s Gloves – Leebur’s GlovesPEN: Leebur’s Gloves (Caphras Lv. 10) Flame of Hongik x1

It is recommended to use PEN Bheg’s Gloves or PEN Leebur’s Gloves since the PEN Blackstar is difficult it is to obtain. It is much easier to get a PEN boss armor, then upgrade the armor with caphras.

Since there are also 2 different types of the Dahn’s Gloves, the version you obtain depends on the gloves you use:

  • if you use PEN Blackstar or PEN Bheg’s Gloves, you will obtain the Damage Reduction (blue version) of Dahn’s Gloves
  • If you use PEN Leebur’s Gloves, you will obtain the Evasion (green version) of Dahn’s Gloves

  The number of Caphras Stones needed:

Caphras Price EachCaphras cost for C10 Bheg’s/Leebur’s Gloves
NA: 3,000,000EU: 2,972,153NA: 21,672,000,000EU: 21,470,833,272
Caphras LevelStones Required per levelTotal Stones Required

Flame of Hongik

You can craft a Flame of Hongik by Processing > Heating 500 Embers of Hongik.

Both the Embers and Flame of Hongik have a low chance of dropping from all bosses in the Land of the Morning Light Boss Rush. The difficulty of the bosses does not matter, but higher difficulty may have a higher drop rate. The embers can also be obtained from the Dokkaebi Forest Excavation Node, or by exchanging Crystallized Despair x1 for Embers of Hongik x2.

I would advise putting a pre-order for the Crystallized Despair or grinding Calpheon Elvia zones if you would like to prepare for the Dahn’s Gloves in advance.

Dahn’s Gloves Exchange Quest

Since there are 2 different versions of the Dahn’s Gloves, you can exchange between the two whenever you like.

  • The quest is obtained from Hyun-yong NPC in Nampo Harbor
  • When you complete the exchange quest, the family name of the adventurer who completed the exchange quest will be engraved regardless of the family name engraved on the glove previously.
  • The quest is a recurring quest, so there is no limit to the number of times you can complete it.
Quest NPCRequirementsCompletion reward
Nampo Harbor<Top of Lantern> Hyeon-yong
Hand over 1 pair of Dahn’s Gloves
Hand over Scorching Sun Shard x200

1 pair of Dahn’s Gloves – different to the one handed over
(Same level of enhancement)
  • Scorching Sun Shards are obtainable from Calpheon Elvia grind zones.

How to Enhance

Just like the Fallen God Armor and Labreska Helmet, the Dahn’s Gloves are tricky to enhance.

The Dahn’s Gloves have the same stats as a PEN Blackstar helmet but can be enhanced from base to PEN. The % chance of success is very low.

Due to how difficult the item is to enhance, most players enhance to DUO and then come back to the item at a later date with cron stones to do TRI attempts with a high stack.

Each attempt requires a  Flawless Chaotic Black Stone and a failed attempt reduces 30 max durability. You can use Cron stones but it is very costly and there is no Caphras levels or force enhance option for this item.

To create a Flawless Chaotic Black Stone you will need:

Processing > Heating
Hard Black Crystal Shard x1Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1Caphras Stone x10Mass of Pure Magic x1ORCaphras Stone x10Flawless Magical Black Stone x1

You can also use Black Stone Powder x1 with either recipe to make x10 at once

Failstack Chart

Dahn’s Gloves have the same failstack % chance as Fallen God Armor, so you can refer to the image below for optimal failstacks and cron stone cost.
(Image credit to Primm)

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